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Ultraviolet or UV water sterilizers are used in water purification and treatment to make water healthier for a prolonged period. UV sterilizer extraordinarily cleans water and kills bacteria. UV water purification systems use lamps that emit UV light to a particular wave length.



  • NO hazardous chemicals to store and/or handle
  • NO effect on taste or odor of water
  • NO moving parts to wear out or break
  • NO disinfection by-products (DBP’s) or residuals
  • Immediate contact time
  • NO resistance as with chlorine and antibiotics
  • NO regrowth of viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Lower capital investment when compared to chlorine or ozone systems
  • LOW power consumption
  • Safe, reliable and easy to apply
  • Simple maintenance, only yearly lamp replacement
  • NO change in water chemistry


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