The Reverse Osmosis LP1




The Reverse Osmosis LP1

The reverse osmosis LP1 is a 5 Stage filtration process that consists of :

  • PP sediment Filter – Stage 1
  • Granular Activated Carbon – Stage 2
  • Carbon Block – Stage 3
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Stage 4
  • Carbon Taste and odour – Stage 5
  • Optional – With pump or Without pump
  • 10 litre Tank and automation devices

Pumps Are required only when the council water pressure at your home is lower than 2 bar .

Capacity Of the Reverse Osmosis LP1

  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria due to our high quality reverse osmosis membrane .
  • lowers pH which is better for plant growth .
  • Removes Sediments , rust and grit that build up in old pipes .
  • Removes chlorine from your council water .
  • Lowers TDS too acceptable levels .


  •  For domestic applications only because this system produces low flow

The Best System For your Home

It is often said , that without a filter at your home , Your body becomes the filter so Experts advise that any filter is better than none.

If you consider your health a priority then choose the reverse osmosis LP1

Once you make healthy water apart of your life how can one, ever go back to the conventional way of living.

70 percent of your body is made up of water  , so why would you drink anything less than pure ?



The installation of such a system is very simple .

We offer installation services to Cape Town and surrounding areas however Installation manuals are available.

The space required is quite minimal however, would fit well underneath your kitchen sink .

Change in installation location is also possible .

All fittings included are designed to fit standard plumbing fixtures that will connect to your sink  ( 80 percent of homes ) .

A plumber would be required if fixtures are not standard .


If you require Advice on choosing the best option for you Contact us Directly

For reverse osmosis systems with a higher flow rate check out our reverse osmosis range

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With Pump, Without Pump


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