Carbon Block Cartridge Filter




Carbon Block Cartridge Filter

A Carbon block filter Cartridge is incredibly porous. This means that, just like a sponge, carbon filters allow water to be absorbed and cleaned by merely passing through it. Carbon filters use no chemicals. They also don’t strip the water of its naturally occurring salts and minerals.

Carbon is activated by heat or steam. The activation process opens the pores of a carbon filter, increasing the surface area and giving the carbon more capacity to hold contaminants. For this reason, all the carbon filters we supply are made from activated carbon in the form of granular activated carbon (GAC), carbon block, or radial carbon filters.

Carbon Block Cartridge Filter is made of fine granules held together with a bonding agent, which only takes up 15% of the surface area. Impure water flows in through the side of the filter and sends filtered water our through the top. As carbon is ground to a finer granule, the surface area increases.

Advantage: Gives 7-10 times more surface area than GAC filters, and the compact carbon prevents channeling.

Not only does activated charcoal purify the water, but it also keeps the nutrients that already exist within it rather than stripping everything away. Additionally, charcoal adds minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Carbon block filters are easy to maintain. In fact, there’s basically no maintenance involved. About every three months, depending on your average water consumption, you’ll need to replace the filter.

The natural purification process leaves the water tasting much better than before. Many people despise the taste of tap water. Carbon block filters absorb the unpleasant odours, leaving the water much more appealing.

Carbon filters don’t require any additional electricity or water pressure to work. With the help of a little bit of gravity, the water does all the work as it flows through the filter and out the other end, pure and clean.

Removing chlorine is the most common reason to use a carbon filter. Chlorine makes your food, beverages, and drinking water nasty and emits a gas that you could inhale in the shower. Chlorine does not adhere to carbon. Instead, a carbon filter removes chlorine through a chemical reaction.

Many water treatment plants use this chemical to disinfect water  because it’s a stable compound and does not dissipate like chlorine or create by-products like trihalomethane. However, chloramine makes water taste and smell bad.

A Carbon block cartridge removes impurities such as:

  1. asbestos
  2. cysts
  3. lead
  4. certain pesticides
  5. Chlorides
  6. volatile organic compounds 



  • 10inch
  • 10inch Fat
  • 20inch
  • 20inch Fat

More sizes available upon request





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