String Wound Cartridge





  • Oil injection 
  • Chemical solvents


Various Sizes available to accommodate for flow and length of cartridge life.  The sizes available are :

  • 10inch Standard (std)
  • 10inch Fat
  • 20 inch Std
  • 20 inch Fat
  • 30inch Std
  • 30 inch Fat


Additional information

For Borehole and well-points we advise you to contact our team so we can design a filtration system accordingly.

When Larger flow rates Are required or your water is of bad quality, backwash filters are the best solution. These filters can last between 2 to 5 years . Backwash filters have an option between manual or automatic .

Both backwash filters and cartridge filters are used for a single water filtration unit .

Based on your application of use , flow rate requirements and water quality . We offer a service to design, supply and install all the necessary equipment .

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Additional information

String Wound

10inch, 20inch


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