Borehole Water Treatment

Borehole Water Treatment & Borehole Drilling

Before Any Use of ground water , a water Test must be done for a borehole water treatment process to begin. There may be several impurities invisible to the eye however will cause serious harm to either your health or equipment .

water can be found almost all places around the earth ,There are Streams of water flowing beneath us . water can be found under almost all land . This Is Termed Borehole Water. The depth and water quality of each source may differ slightly or tremendously .

To Determine where the best spot to drill is  Our Technicians will use a device that measures the magnetic properties of the stream .

Water Can Be Found even 3metres Deep however This is then Termed a well-point ( 1-18m Deep) . 

Once A Spot is Confirmed , It  will take between 2 – 12 weeks  For the drilling To Be complete So Only Once This Is done a Suitable Submersible pump can be sent down the hole and a storage solution can be arranged .

Solar Borehole Pumps Are available up to 100m Depth .

After The Storage Has been Completed We can Now Focus on the Water Purification . A Lab Test on the water will be required to design a filtration system for your water .

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Water Analysis

The Importance Of Water Testing

All water quality may differ in some way or the other which means these differences will require different methods of treatment .

A water quality test will provide a water engineer with the impurities as well as how concentrated these impurities are . Only once this is known can a filtration system or purification process be designed for your water .

Water Tests can also prove whether your water is fit for human consumption or not , or for your plants .

Residential Investment

Do You Spend Over R3000 On Water Bills ?

Spending R3000 On Water per Month means R185000 in 5 years ! And 5 years can just slip by ….

What If There Was A way To Save Your Hard Earned Cash ? Would You Be Interested ?

Would You Invest In A Borehole Water Treatment System?

Water Treatment Technology Has Improved substantially over the years , Well-points and boreholes have been used from wayyyyyyyy –  back in medieval times ,till this date. These Systems are well known in by farmers and the agriculture sector.

With Streams of water passing beneath your home , it would be such a waste to ignore it .

Our Water Systems operate automatically allowing you the freedom and comfort of Purified water . 

Now although this water is coming from underground , after it passes through our purification process , it is even cleaner than your tap water , in fact most tap water sources are unhealthy due to old transportation equipment .

So not only does your investment save you cash , it will improve your health and well being .

Commercial & Industrial Investment

Saving Your Business Millions Of Rands

A business That Uses Water To produce a product ,Whether its food and beverage or agriculture , Calculate your water expenses per annum , Nuff Said ?

An Investment into A water Purification system Can not only improve the quality of your produce but save you substantially . 

All Entrepreneurs Love progress , what better way is there? Your own source of pure water !

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