Scale Treatment

Why Does Calcium Or Lime Scale Coat Equipment And Appliances ?

The Problem Lies in The quality of water Passing through appliances and equipment . If the water consists of dissolved calcium salts and has a high Ph .

This Water Is termed as Hard Water . Hard water has a heavier feel when drinking and depending on how hard the water is will determine how fast your equipment will build scale .

A Great Product For Scale Treatment or Prevention

There Are Many Ways to prevent or treat scale , however none work as well as a Water Softener . A water Softener Will Trap Calcium and Magnesium Within Its Resin Bead Form , This will then Disallow any formulation of calcium crystal on pipes , equipment or heating elements . 


Water Softener - How Does It Work

A Water Softener Consists OF : 

  1. A FRP Vessel 
  2. Automated Regeneration Valve 
  3. Riser Tube And Strainers 
  4. Purolite Softener Resin
  5. Brine Tank 

A Water Softener works Similar  to That of A pool filter , Except That it regenerates automatically with Salt . 

This Means That It will Detect That A certain amount of water has passed through , and then automatically switch the valve position to regenerate . 

A water softener requires regeneration to get rid of all the calcium trapped within each resin bead . A salt solution helps with detaching the calcium from these beads .

The process of regeneration and calcium filtration will all occur automatically , the only thing required of from the user is to add salt either monthly or if set correctly once every 6 months .

Because of this regeneration and correct design , your water softener will last for 24 months without a service .

Enhance Your Water Quality

The Importance of Filters

There are Two Main Reasons For Water Filters 

  • Consumption Safety 
  • Protecting Appliances And Equipment 

Focusing On Human Consumption , We all realise the importance of water as a daily need. Without clean water severe problems will rise , for example sanitary issues , illness from consumption and even death .

Being Extra sure that your water is safe is the new norm ,and we have your back when it it comes to this . TDL Has the Knowledge and expertise to guide you and provide you with support to bring about a positive change in your life and the growing world .

We often get Emails and requests for products and services after illness or disease occurs , and we gladly assist . However prevention is always a better option . 

Choose Today , Protect Your Family , Protect Your Life , Protect Your Equipment .

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The Best System For Your Home

The Reverse Osmosis LP1

A Brilliant Invention Made For The EveryDay  Healthy Home , Made Just for you Guys !

Lets Start With What Reverse Osmosis Actually Is , Reverse Osmosis in Layman’s Terms , is a device which forces water with all its impurities through a Tiny FIlter , too small for the eye to see . This Then Allows only water to pass through . We Term This Pure Water .

With The Reverse Osmosis LP1 , We acquire pure water and then add healthy minerals which your body requires .The Taste, The Smell, The Feel All enhanced through a single process. Magnificent if you ask me !

If that was not enough , this system will fit right under your kitchen sink , and is equipped with a Stainless Steel Faucet for you to drink from , Wash fruits or even vegetables .

A Personal Note : Coffee Tastes Incredible !

An Undercounter reverse osmosis system supplied by The Dex Lab

Bacteria Disinfection

Bacteria In Plumbing Systems Are Normal

Plumbing Lines And Systems in Most Homes Are Old So Its not hard to imagine that the build up of impurities and bacteria could be present . 

Further More , The PipeLines That transport the water to your homes could be affected and i am Quite certain that the galvanised pipes will have some rust by now.

The Water Treatment Station use chlorine at 3ppm to get rid of bacteria that may be present or collected along the lines , however although this may provide some protection it is not full proof .

We get a lot of mails suggesting that their water could be the reason for their illness , the main cause is usually bacterium.

I would Like to urge all homes to  have a bacteria sterilising device at the least .Your Health Is important !

A simple miscalculation of chlorine , either too much or too less could be harmful or even fatal.

The Best way forward is to have uv steriliser installed at your home Coupled With a 3 Stage Filter .

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