The Only Way Forward , Is through a Filter

Why Is Water Treatment Important ?

Water Is Life’s Most important resource ,no matter the time. This Valuable resource is used in almost every industry today , and required by all living inhabitants to survive .

Taking a deeper look into plant Growth  , we find that even plants require a almost specific water quality to grow well and thrive . This Means That Plants Can Die Simply by using council water untreated.

Similarly , we humans can get ill from drinking tap water or untreated water . Our health should be of high priority if we plan to survive and live happy .In Conventional Water Treatment Methods , water is disinfected with chlorine before reaching our homes which can be unhealthy for certain individuals in particularly or average people if high concentration of chlorine is present. A simple Water Treatment Device or system will prevent illness and provide security .

Putting Aside our health which generally only show signs of symptoms and/or illness over time . Bad water Quality Can also affect appliances and equipment , such as heating elements , faucets , factory equipment such as boilers and even your copper piping .

With the information provided, the question should now be , How important is your health , Equipment Or plants ?


Benefits That Filtered Water Offer

  • Improves health
  • Improves taste and Smoothness in produce
  • Reduces Damage to equipment and extends maintenance period
  • Improves mind set and perfomance daily 

Choosing The Right Filter For My Water

In Most Cases , Choosing The Right filter will Require a diagnosis . 

There could be several reasons for the cause of illness or equipment defect . There are a few manual tests that can be done to diagnose the problem however it is always best to send your water to a lab for testing . 

There are plenty of water testing labs all across South Africa , Some labs even describe the water quality issues and provide solutions in their reports . 

These lab reports will allow us to design a filter system to suit your water and your budget . 

We At TDL are ever ready to provide the best advice and support to all who request so , Feel Free to contact us on whatsapp or email .

Visual Water Tests

  1. Distinguish Between Tannin And Iron 
  2. Hardness Test 
  3. Sediment Test

When To Call A Water Engineer/Specialist

You Should Call A specialist When dealing with all borehole / Well-Point Water Sources .

When Dealing With Tap Water , Generally a simple product may solve your issue , this requires over the phone assistance and an explanation of the product and how to take care of the equipment .

We have A few manuals/guides for simple products available at purchase  to allow for DIY Installation .

Specialised Products

Markets That Invest In A Water System