Our Water Filtration systems are designed specifically for your water  quality and to suit your application of use .  The Products used are of high quality with 12 months warranty .

Water Bottling Plant By The Dex Lab

Mobile Water Treatment

Mobile Water Treatment plants are designed and built upon order. The water analysis report must be provided along with a Second sample of the water . Products used are of high quality with 12 months warranty .


We Currently offer the NFT Systems Only .

For Best results your water must be tested and filtered to suit the type of plant or vegetable you wish to grow .

We Offer 3 Standard NFT Sizes , with automation and lighting .

Contact our Team For More Information.

Reverse Osmosis

We Do Something different with Reverse Osmosis . 

Our Water Is injected with the proper nutrients for our bodies , water has never been this healthy . 

8000 Litre Per Hour Reverse OSmosis unit supplied by the dex lab

We Offer Pool Cleaning Services And Maintenance . 

We supply pool Equipment And  Chemicals at great prices .

Pool Services

Pools Serviced by Alchem Pool Solutions In Cape Town


We Supply a Wide Range of Irrigation Products . 

Our Irrigation Installs are Precise . According to the plants and average irradiation hours , Our Flow rates are met to serve a specific area . There will be NO water Wasted .

A layout of all pipework ,will be drawn up and kept on site for future services /maintenance / Upgrades.

Water Bottling

Water Bottling Machines Available .

Lead Time 60 days .

Water Testing

We offer water testing at R900 ex vat

We disinfect pipelines and tanks .

It is always advised too have your pipelines and tanks disinfected regularly.


Pump Repairs

Request information from our team for our Booster Pumps Repair Procedure 

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