In Our Path Toward Water & Energy , we aim to build a company that supports green Economy And sustainable development .

By Using Newly Developed Technology We Offer a wide range Of Services and products . Make Sure you have a look !

Water & Energy

Water Purification

4 Step Guide

FIltration System By TDL - Scale Removal
Step 1

Get Your Water Tested and fill out our form !

We offer Water Tests at R900 ex vat.

Step 2

Let our engineers take over. 

A design will be created to suit your needs. once done a site inspection will be scheduled .

Step 3

Once the site visit has been finalised a quotation can now be sent to you . 

Please review our t&c’s and installation procedures 

Once you approve the quotation and installation we move on to the final step .

Step 4

An installation date will be scheduled with time requirements and what to expect .

Once all our clients needs are met , we can sign of as completed .

You May now enjoy your amazing fresh water !                                                        

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